Buying a Home and Garden Franchise Opportunity

Houses and gardens are places which need virtually endless maintenance. In the UK you will discover over 25 million households living in a variety of accommodation which represents a massive potential market to anyone supplying services or products. On top of that, new houses and flats are developed every year which raises this figure annually.

Home and Garden franchise businesses chiefly focus on providing necessary maintenance services for properties and gardens. Some examples of the kinds of services presented are:-

Utility Franchise businesses

These are vital crisis or maintenance services for example Plumbing, Gas and Electrical services. There are also Disaster Management franchise businesses which cope with insurance flood/fire damage to homes.

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House Refurbishment Franchises

These are extremely desirable services for providing some part of your property a ‘face lift’. This can be interior or outside door replacements and also a new set of cabinet doors on your kitchen cupboards to provide your kitchen a new look.

Outdoor Franchise businesses

You can find a range of garden upkeep franchise businesses for instance Garden Landscaping, lawn treatment and drive or pathway renovation/cleaning.

You can see that every one of these services are most desirable to house owners in addition to a number of them being vital crisis response type services. This makes them very good as franchise businesses as there is continuous demand for this sort of work to be carried out.

To run this kind of franchise opportunity it’s key that you’d like visiting customers properties and meeting others as you are likely to be in recurrent contact with them, regardless of whether you are organising a purchase or whilst completing a job.

If you think that a home and garden franchise business could be the best option for you then its vital that you study your options well. You can start by reviewing some of the home and garden franchise businesses you can find in web based franchise directories. After building a short list, discover as much as you possibly can concerning the franchises you are interested in, their operating history, background and the people behind the company. Then arrange to meet a few of the franchisors to acquire some insight into their operations. It’s additionally helpful to get the contact details for some of their franchisees to get hold of a little 3rd party outlook on how a franchise performs ‘on the ground’.


It’s also important to speak with one of the high street banks. Most of them have devoted franchise business departments that can give advice on funding and could have heard of the franchise opportunity you are looking to invest in. The most central thing is take your time and make sure you take the very best preference for you. Don’t be rushed, rather ensure you feel relaxed and confident in the decision. No business venture is guaranteed, but you’ll be able to maximise your potential for achievement by being as informed as possible regarding what you are taking on.