Canon All in One Printers: A Review of the Canon Imag CLASS MF4350d Laser All-In-One Printer

I have had several laser printers throughout my entire business life, and this model is similar to how most laser printers look. However, I do admire its compactness as it can easily be settled on top of a shelf, unlike most of the laser all in ones that I have owned. Nowadays, though, almost everything is either getting bigger or smaller, and it’s good that a smaller model like this can really compete with bigger ones. It has the dimensions of 15.4″ x 21.0″ x 17.9″ and a weight of 27.6 pounds. You really have to make room for it, though, but it’s a very useful item so that’s not a problem for me.

The device has a simple LCD display which shows the basic information required during a printing, copying, scanning, and faxing process. There are a lot of buttons which are all specified for different tasks, so you can make sure that you know what you’re doing. It gets a bit confusing at the beginning, as with what happened to me, but I got the hand of it afterwards and now I have absolutely no problems with navigating through the machine.

Canon Color imageCLASS MF741Cdw – Multifunction, Wireless, Mobile Ready, Duplex Laser Printer (Comes with 3 Year Limited Warranty)

Printing and Other Functions

It’s Canon all in one printer, so it can virtually do the four basic functions of printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. As a printer, it’s definitely awesome. I especially love the single cartridge system which makes it very easy to replace ink, not to mention it saves a lot of money in having to buy two inks. The single cartridge system allows better printing quality because the drum and toner come in a single packaging. This eliminates the need for any complicated two-ink modification.

The printer can produce output in as fast as 23 pages per minute, quite speedy work which is attributed to laser printers. There are two paper trays – a cassette tray and a multi-purpose tray – which makes printing much easier because you don’t have to keep on refilling the feeder.

The copier can produce copies as quickly as printing, and it can also reduce or enlarge documents to preset sizes 50%, 64%, 78%, 129%, and 200%. There are two copy input mechanisms, the platen and the ADF methods. You can copy documents with a maximum size of 8.5” x 11.7” for platen mechanisms, and 8.5” x 14” for ADF. You also get to save both ink and paper through the 2 on 1 feature of the copier, where you can copy two pages in one paper.

The scanner mechanism makes use of the color contact image sensor with a 24-bit depth. It can save documents in various formats including PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and BMP.

The fax machine is a very good plus for this device, since I need to receive a lot of incoming faxes worldwide. The fax memory can save up to 256 pages of incoming fax documents, and you can also save 100 speed dial numbers in the memory. The fax produces a super fine resolution of 203×391 dpi. You can also print back-to-back even for incoming fax.

Other Features

With this model, you can produce duplex prints with whichever method – printing, scanning, and faxing. This has a very big impact on the environment, and saving paper is a small way of helping Mother Nature. The only catch is that it isn’t an Energy Star qualified device, which makes me feel like I’m adding some sort of contribution to the green house effect. But when I see the output that this printer produces, I can say that no one would ever regret getting it.


I give very high importance to the documents I receive and produce for my business, and having the Canon ImageCLASS MF4350d Laser All-in-One Printer is one of the biggest factors for the success of my business. This is one of the best Canon all in one printers that I have ever had. Some people might find difficulty setting it up and having it to function, but I never had a problem with this device and I am very confident to recommend it to all business owners out there who need a good multifunctional device for their businesses.

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