How to Pack an Ice Cooler

When packing your ice cooler you have a number of things to consider in order to make sure everything stays cold, that is of course the whole purpose. The objective is to make sure there is ice surrounding all articles as much as is possible. Always pack in layers and throw some ice on the bottom, then your soft drinks, and then some more ice. Put any soft food near the top otherwise they will get crushed or place it in Tupperware containers for protection. Finally, make sure to fill your cooler entirely: Ice in a half-filled cooler melts much more quickly.

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NOTE: Dont put loose ice in the soft sided coolers as the sharp edges of the ice can rip the soft lining and ice melts faster and makes the cooler heavy and misshapen.

If you are going on a long trip or if you need to keep things cold for a long time, try to use more than one cooler: use one for drinks and another one for food. This is because coolers holding drinks will be opened frequently, allowing cold air to escape. Coolers with food will stay colder longer because it will be opened less frequently. It may also be a good idea to pack a separate cooler with extra ice. This will allow you replenish ice in the other two coolers.

Try to use ice wraps when packing larger coolers since they can be wrapped around foods or used as a separator to separate products.

Pre-chill all your food and drinks before placing them in the cooler. This will help preserve the ice, and therefore you will need less ice to cool drinks down. Make sure you place a thicker layer of ice on the top as heat rises. And of course, try to keep your cooler out of the sun or out of a hot car. Try to place it in a shaded area to keep your cooler cool.

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